Path of Initiation: The Wisdom of Karlfried Graf Durckheim

An introduction to the teachings of Karlfried Graf Durckheim, spiritual teacher and transpersonal psychologist. Combining the insights of Zen Buddhism and the Christian mystics, Durckheim’s wisdom transcends tradition and leads the student into authentic personal transformation, the encounter with deeper Reality and with our True Self. Thousands of seekers have undertaken his inner practice which he developed over his many years of study, travel and experience.
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Being True to Oneself

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Is it true that the more work we do on ourselves the more the spiritual world breaks through into our hearing & seeing thinking?
I find Pride a difficult thing to overcome …for as I react differently to others they push even harder to try to get me to react!

The Druid’s Isle: A Reading from an Epic Fantasy Novel

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A Fantasy Novel featuring Nordic mythology, druids, Romans, and the story of Patrick the Briton, later to become Saint Patrick. An epic tale filled with historical research, spiritual teachings, and mystical adventures.
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On Suffering and Rebellion against the Holy

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After a 2.5 year journey of not only studying Job but walking the path of suffering as a means of spiritual growth, I have come to understand the depth of our rebellion against God. I am reminded very often of the true meaning of suffering as the crowd cried “give us death” vs asking for the freedom of Jesus. I would love to hear your thoughts on rebellion as “I will,” “I am,” and “I” as the self projects itself as god.

Fourth Way Teachings: New Edition

Fourth Way Teachings: Practical Methods on Inner Transformation
Entirely revised and edited for this New Edition.
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This work includes essays on the nature and purpose of the Fourth Way teachings made known by G.I. Gurdjieff and offers specific guidance in their psychological and spiritual applications. Questions and answers taken from actual teacher-student interaction in the context of group work offers exceptional insight into the process and dynamics of these transformational ideas.
Wriiten by Rebecca Nottingham, a teacher of t the Fourth Way methods of inner work for nearly thirty years.
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Classes on the Power of Attention

Upcoming classes on Practical Transformational Wisdom at New Age People Bookstore, 86th and Ditch in Indianapolis:
Saturday, August 23, Noon to 1:30 pm

The Power of Attention
Creating an observing self, uses of imagination

2:00 to 3:30 pm

Managing Thoughts

Inner Considering and the difference of mind and Self

Saturday, August 30th, Noon to 1:30 pm

Learning discernment

Toxic energies, higher energies, and our inner landscape

2:00 5o 3:30 pm

Freedom and Authenticity

Establishing independence and real compassion

Presented by Ted Nottingham, Author, Spiritual Teacher

The Cherubic Hymn: A Rare and Spiritual Gift

The Cherubic Hymn sung during the Divine Liturgy by Reader/Chanter Justin Blevins at Joy of All Who Sorrow Eastern Orthodox Church in Indianapolis. This devotional rendering is an exceptional and moving interpretation offered to the worshipers as a parting love gift by a talented singer and deeply spiritual man.

The One Thing Missing: The Christ’s Teaching on Spiritual Transformation

The powerful and transformational teachings of the encounter between the Christ and the “rich” young man. Timeless wisdom wrapped in parable and multi-dimentional meaning.

Higher Consciousness and the Prayer of the Heart

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Over the past two weeks I have been experiencing some very visible physical signs during deep prayer. My previous experience from Chi Gung meditation says the experiences are signs of energy blockages being removed and more energy flowing thru the body. However, with my recent understanding of Fourth Way teachings I suspect this may have to do with a further refining of the finer substance to coat the outer body. Fuel for the Higher Being.

An experience occurred during nigh time while nearing or entering deep sleep. On my lips was the Jesus Prayer as I feel into the deep slumber. I can recall allowing all thoughts of any rising passions to pass and then entering the dark slumber for a second.

To only be brought back to my body in a burst of energy that was as though I was physically experiencing a quake. A quake that shook and shuttered my whole body and left me feeling as though I were an outside watcher. I was more curious than fearful as I had previously stated I had similar experiences in Chi Gung.

Becoming Co-Creators

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The more study I engage in, along with the helpful influence you provide as a teacher, the more I am coming to the thought that the depth of our co-creator role is the key for me. With the unfolding of the mysteries of quantum physics, combined with( ancient knowledge\ submission to the divine authority) over all the above leads to some fascinating possibilities. In short, is a component of God’s mercy found within his need for us? Each combining the attributes of God within, manifesting or opening to the presence of utter humility and loving authority, thus “allowing” God to become an ongoing presence which needs us as much as we need this presence? This seems to be an elementary question, and thus one I could only ask of my teacher. Am I “going wrong” in this line of thinking? It has that “feeling” of truth within it. Or could it be that because of our co-creation role and our ongoing production of our reality that this is “too subjective”?


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